What to Eat in Prague

I can't wait to get to this city! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/theodevil/7689734118/in/photolist-7gZgsT-rKbLxu-fedCSf-cHvU3J-5xJLbt-eiDb9a-oZu8P1-h6uqxh-8Uizs4-643Q9t-nM4fjp-aGsMgV-6EkU8c-sbFqYy-5VKy7i-jk8wdZ-iHVNN5-cvzoUm-k8Umrr-9L7mzQ-iDi3Xp-9Zp5fJ-cXeTid-dBLFXi-nyFyCB-698gWA-atPE6x-6Lfrd9-rtQocj-cq8heA-7TJdP1-auExYS-dmgzR5-e6e94T-fkhr96-7JztDn-4MiwB-eCGmfs-4ELMh-542V7c-iBAEaj-7iQrxn-5kNPL-rbqGKJ-cq8gR5-i2MfDv-oTBWWV-653gjp-66rB5V-9fLise

I can’t wait to get to this city! Photo cred

I grew up eating my goulash made by my grandparents so I am looking forward to this homey food found in Prague. And dumplings! Yum! But, I have read in several places to skip the local wine (unless it is a Riesling or a sweet Moravian Muscat) and to drink beer instead…which I also probably wont like. Drink suggestions for Prague?

I have three nights in Prague to eat and drink as much as I can; what should I consume? As usual, I prefer to have a breakfast in the hostel, a snack while out and about, and a late lunch/early dinner.

Night One:

Snack: One of the first snacks I saw mentioned on various lists looks a lot like a doughnut- the kolač. The Business Insider article says that they can be filled with, “pastry filled with poppy seeds, fruit jams, nuts or sweet cheese”.

Lunch: Jewel Cafe Bar is in old town, said to have great drinks, and they serve wild boar and duck!  Also, it has tapas! Who doesn’t like tapas?!

Dinner: I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I love goulash and dumplings. I grew up with my mother’s homemade dumplings and I’m expecting this place to measure up!  One place I’ve read about that has supposedly good dumplings and goulash is U Kroka.

Night Two:

Snack: People say that smažený sýr are like mozzarella sticks on steroids. Yum. It is supposed to be a street food that you can easily find anywhere. Anyone have a favorite corner stand to recommend?

Lunch: Restaurant Rainer Maria Rilke is supposed to have great old school Czech food. The smoked pork and crispy duck sound great here.

Dinner: Pastar restaurant is marketed as an Italian/International/Mediterranean place with an attached shop and everything on their menu sounds great.

Night Three:

Snack: I love a good crepe, and that is exactly what the palačinky sounds like. Cafe Creperie Pod Vezi is a popular place for crepes, but I have heard that they can be found everywhere.

Lunch: With such a meaty dinner planned for later, a smaller lunch of a simple Czech sausage might be perfect. This page says that the Pikantní Klobásy is a spicier sausage easily found on many street corners.

Dinner: I don’t generally like to feel like a caveman while I’m eating my dinner, but I have a feeling that it might be unavoidable if I try to popular Czech koleno (roasted pork knee).  U Mlynare is said to have good pork knee.

More Czech food reading:

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2 responses to “What to Eat in Prague

  1. The wine in Prague is really good – there’s a vineyard right next to the castle with a terrace where you can sample the local stuff by the glass. If recommend it, or the Budvar beer on tap anywhere.


    • Thanks for the recommendations! I love sampling wine wherever I go so of course I will try it! Thanks! I might tell my beer loving friend to order the Budvar beer and just take a sip of hers because I almost never like beer. 😦


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