What to Eat in Berlin

Berlin and the River Spree photo credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/mariano-mantel/14194796155/in/photolist-nCm3mK-9KVSpt-efktn6-nTutEE-5uLa93-qsrVvZ-jn8zJq-bogdRu-nwjGv9-6bVctW-4Dq1xr-rok6Go-o1YANU-hDbKq3-qDnr5r-r7HJm5-6N4g6t-qNwaav-65znao-7Xz4TJ-prpqeC-riAyCA-rAGEJR-qbWEjx-qBgsE2-4zVoT-cA2UFf-cwUCz5-dRR9u6-9vEXAo-9Aidts-9Af7uR-g3CmvS-dJAQ57-nydFwW-rANdAR-rwYsW2-9tg5mc-dYYiP7-8x4Phx-pErzsJ-jaPhr-S2aA1-cruqxA-rtq9ed-rPHHBd-mwFcKF-hoBkx3-9z19mw-rawuq4

Berlin and the River Spree photo credit

I have heard that the street food in Berlin is awesome!  I am really looking forward to it!

I have three nights in Berlin to eat my heart out; what should I eat? As usual, I prefer to have a breakfast in the hostel, a snack while out and about, and a lunch, and dinner.

Night One:

Snack/Dinner: I’ve heard that Markthalle Neun in Kreuzbergt hosts, “Street Food Thursday” every Thursday after work- which which I will arrive just in time to get to! Many reviewers rave about Big Stuff BBQ which sounds like it is right up my alley!

Night Two:

Snack: German pretzels! I love pretzels but never eat them because I try to stay away from carbs. Perfect excuse!!

Lunch:  Spätzle a type of noodle made from wheat flour and egg or the cheesy kind of spatzle- kasepatzle with apfelstrudel (aka Apple strudel) for dessert.

Dinner: When I think of German food I think of Wiener Schnitzel. I have read that the best one is at KaDeWe.

Night Three:

Snack: Currywurst found at Konnopke Imbiss  and the popular Curry 61

Lunch: Since I am eating a meaty snack and dinner, I thought a healthy soup or light sandwich from Flamingo Fresh Food Bar would be good.

Dinner: Döner Kebab from Mustafas Gemüse Kabap

Bonus Snack:

Ritter Sport chocolates! I love the marzipan flavor, and I can’t wait to see what other flavors I might find in Berlin!

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4 responses to “What to Eat in Berlin

  1. I’m getting full reading your pre-travel food diary. The street food night sounds awesome. You’ll get a cross section of food, maybe things you haven’t heard of!


  2. Love Berlin! I will be in Germany late July so looking forward to being back in German land and eating yum kranskies!! I was raised on good german food my Dad was European xx


  3. I was five the last time I was in Germany but can still remember brats and pomme frites on lunch stops while traveling. Yum!


    • My best friend went while we were in college and she said she basically survived on pretzels and apples because the sausages were so common there and she is a vegetarian. hahaha. Sounds good to me!


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