What to Eat in Athens & Santorini, Greece

I can't wait to eat a meal while seeing views like this in Santorini! Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/snowfish2014/14210200684/in/photolist-nDGZA5-nBF6XS-nBFdWG-nDH3wf-nDqXqn-nDHVH4-nnecLW-nBFgJ5-nDGX1f-nFvaqg-nnehKd-nDvkSQ-nne8ZB-nnemXt-nne1nn-nDHKfa-nnehW5-nFvcKr-nBFeAN-nFv7hn-nDqWUn-nnerF6-nDqVkv-nBF4ks-nDvg5J-7iW9zm-oohcB-fYYhN-fYYLg-fYYrJ-fYYnm-fYZ5c-fYYPQ-fYYUC-fZ1A9-fYYea-fYZrS-fYZ1Q-fYYDu-fYYxz-4Zazp-8BHs8T-4Zaco-4Zaqi-4Zas9-4ZadL-8BHsAH-4Zanq-4Zaok-4ZayB

I can’t wait to eat a meal while seeing views like this in Santorini! Photo cred 

I am not very knowledgable about Greek food. I know that I love Greek yogurt and that I think Feta is pretty darn good in salads.  That is about it.  To better prepare myself for an awesome week or so that I will be spending in Greece, I decided to do some research now. What should I eat while I’m in Greece!?!

Usually I try to find the hostels that include some kind of free breakfasts, but if that isn’t available then I will be on a quest to find the best Greek yogurt! I can honestly eat the stuff every day in the summer with some fruit and granola.


Day 1:

Snack: Spanakopita is described as a spinach pie.  Now that I think of it, I have had something that is described as “spinach pie” but I never thought it was Greek- just tasty vegetarian food! Meliartos is a popular spot to grab a quick snack in the morning/lunch time.

Lunch: One other Greek food I’ve had before is the Gyro.  These little pita wrapped meaty sandwiches are said to be super popular in Athens and a great meal to get on the go between tourist attractions.

Dinner: Moussaka is supposed to be similar to eggplant parmesan just with more stuff.

Day 2:

Snack: Dolmades are grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice. I am excited to compare them to the dolmas in Istanbul and Azerbaijan!

Lunch: Horiatiki is known elsewhere in the world as Greek Salad.  The tasty mix of tomatoes, olives, onion, and feta cheese doesn’t normally come with lettuce when it is ordered in Greece.

Dinner: Pastitsio is said to be similar to lasagna just without so much sauce. I might try it at Mani Mani because it has good reviews for many dishes.

Day 3:

Snack: Greek Olives! There are tons of olives in Greece and I want to try them all!

Lunch: Souvlaki is meat on a skewer. Lamb is supposed to be really nice. Kosta is said to have the best souviaki in Athens.

Dinner: I saw this bakery called Ariston’s listed on the handful of foodie blogs I checked out, as a must visit place in Athens for good food (maybe because they have been around since 1910).  All of the pies come highly recommended, but apparently it is famous for kourou pies.  I think it would be fun to grab a few different ones and eat them after finding a great view of Athens at night.


Day 4:

Breakfast: yogurt with quince.

Snack: Kalamarikia also known as calamari squid. Yum!

Lunch: Whole fried fish is very common since this is an island, and it just happens to be one of my favorite beachy meals!

Dinner: Octopus seems to be pretty popular in Greece! I would love to have some octopus at Character Restaurant while watching the sunset from Fira.

Day 5:

Breakfast: yogurt and maybe a Greek donut with honey and walnuts (loukoumades).

Snack: Like Istanbulbaklava is very popular and I am going to be surprised if I manage to not indulge in this fabulous dessert until this point of my stay in Greece!

Lunch: Saganaki (deep fried cheese) and a lamb kabab with some Tzatziki (yogurt cucumber dip) on the side!

Dinner: Fish with a side of Taramosalata (fish roe dip) to dip some bread into.

Snack to go: I have read in a few places that pistachios are really popular on Santorini AND they make a great travel snack, so it will be my goal to find some before I leave.

Day 6:

Breakfast: My time in Europe will be almost over at this point so why not have a bougatsa (custard filled pastry) and cafe freddo (espresso-based iced coffee) for breakfast?

Snack: When I was perusing various menus and I saw “tomato balls” (aka tomato kefideslisted I thought it was an error and that they just meant “cherry tomatoes”. Then I read this blog, which included a picture of the “tomato balls” along with a description that says they are cherry tomatoes, feta, and herbs deep fried into a bite size fritter. Sounds great!

Lunch: Some people say that the pork gyros are the best they’ve had in Greece at Pitogyros in Oia. If you happen to be in Fira around lunch and want a gyro lots of people talk about Lucky’s too!

Dinner: Pasta with mussels at Volcano Blue sounds like a fantastic way to end my stay on Santorini.


Day 7:

I will only be here for breakfast and maybe a morning snack in the airport as I fly back to Paris. Does anyone have any tips about the best food/places to eat in the Athens airport?

Here are some more links about food in Greece:

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What is your favorite Greek food? Do you have any must-try foods that I should add to this list? 


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