How to Get the Classroom Ready for Summer…and Fall!

I recently cleaned and prepped my classroom for the summer. I made a HUGE to do list to get my classroom physically clean and to prepare as many things as I could think of for the next school year.

This list is still a work in progress and I would LOVE to hear how you prepare for the coming school year at the end of the current school year!

Stuff to Copy


At the beginning of the year we all need stuff to be copied.  It will be so nice to have papers copied and ready to go for the beginning of the year!  I like to have copies for things that we used all year.


Reading Logs

Spelling Menu

Spelling Lists

Weekly Fluency Poems

Math Multiplication Drills 0-12




I LOVE to laminate things that I can reuse for years to come!  Getting stuff laminated usually takes a while at my school as it is because the laminating is done by a person in a different building and needs to be approved by the Elementary Principal first.  At the beginning of the year it takes SO LONG because everyone is laminating stuff!


Posters we made this year

Posters that are in the closet but not yet laminated


In the Classroom

Put books in plastic baggies based on level (start high and low)

Organize file cabinets

Try to throw out really old stuff in the closet

Make sure closet is as organized as possible

Use colorful permanent markers to clearly number clothespins for new behavior chart

Make a new behavior chart


Students Can Help Too!

My students LOVE to help clean and organize things- especially students who finish work early.  At the end of the year when we don’t have a whole lot of work to be done in the last few days so I don’t see why I can’t let them help out if that is something they want to do!

Pull out books that are torn or need AR quiz labels

Test all the markers and throw away the duds

Replace old markers with packs of new markers from supply closet

Wipe out book bins

Sharpen colored pencils and place sets in bags for each table group

Test glue to make sure they all work and consolidate white glue into less containers

Organize games and tape up game boxes

Sharpen student pencils for next year

Clean up student white boards

Empty student book bins, wipe out, and replace number (2nd to last day)

Clean out student desks wipe out with damp cloth (3rd to last day)

Wipe down furniture/windowsills/desks/chairs with wet wipes (2nd to last day)


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