Halloween at CIC

Halloween is a huge event at international schools in Venezuela, or at least the two that I’ve worked at! 

The school let us dress out or uniform in black and orange during the day. Then from 4:40-6:30 we had the elementary Halloween Party with games, karaoke, snacks, and a haunted house put on by the highs school student counsel students. Of course everyone is in costume so there are plenty of pictures being taken too. 

At other schools I’ve work eat there have been parades, a fashion show, an adults party (including parents), and best costume competitions. Other than the amazing decorations that start going up two weeks in advance, my current school is a bit tame in comparison. 

Please forgive any typos as this is yet another post from my iPhone as I continue to wait for my replacement laptop hard drive to make it through customs here in Venezuela.

How does your school celebrate Halloween (or not)? 


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