Packing for 3 Weeks in Ecuador and the Galapagos


A marine iguana found only in the Galapagos photo cred 

In less than one week I will be leaving for my trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos!  Here is an overview of what I plan to bring; am I missing anything?


Underwater Camera- I want to capture all of the beauty under the water


Ipad for email, entertainment, and guidebooks

kindle for reading

Extra camera batteries

External battery charger



5 thongs

2 bras (wear one)

2 bathing suits- If you plan on spending 8 days on an island tour and nearly a week at the beach you will need them!

1 pair of Bermuda shorts

2 skirts

4 t-shirts that coordinate with shorts and skirts

1 dress

1 pair of skinny jeans

1 lightweight waterproof jacket

1 cardigan

1 sarong

1 lightweight scarf (good for protection from the sun and keeping warm at night)


Chaco sandals- great for long walks and wading into water

Flip flops- a must for any shared dorm showers


Travel sized shampoo & conditioner

Half a Bar of soap

Half a Bar of face wash



Waterproof Mascara

Chapstick with SPF

Waterproof Sunscreen- 2 bottles

Bug repellent



Snorkel, mask, and flippers- I want to snorkel everyday I’m in the Galapagos!

Waterproof bags- especially important for camera equipment

Small daypack for island hiking

Travel towel

Travel journal w/colorful pens & tape for keeping mementos

a hat (maybe)

Candied ginger to settle your stomach after motion sickness


Vapour water bottle

My “First Aid Kit”

Waterproof bandaids


Dramamine- the waters are known to be rough




Emergen-C vitamin packs are good to rehydrate and fight off colds

I want to go carry-on only but I don’t think I can since I will have the sunscreen. I still want to pack light though. What do you think? Am I missing anything? Could I leave something behind?


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