November Round Up

I haven’t posted much this month because it is too frustrating for me to write on my iPad now that my laptop is dead and I don’t have a computer at home. Sorry my dear readers!  I’ve still read a lot and explored a bit online so I wanted to do my traditional monthly roundup.

I’ve also visited two new places (including Bahía de Cata pictured above)  in Venezuela that I’ve been mentally writing about that I hope I can share  a post or two about them soon!

Around the Web:

I wrote about “signing” the letter of intent this year and last year, but this post does a great job of describing the roller coaster of emotions that expats feel every year.


Wool Omnibus is the best sci-fi-ish book that I’ve read in a long time.  There is a lot of drama and suspense with a very original plot.  I am interested in reading the second book in the series.


I really need to just buy the new Adele album! Until then I will enjoy her music on YouTube! Here she is singing “when we were young” live:

I watched one episode of a mini series called London Spy. It is dark and very well acted and leaves you wanting more.


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