Galapagos Day 4: Santa Fe Island & South Plaza Island

Did I mention that I love sea turtles? One of the highlights for me on this day was seeing a couple of sea turtles going at it off the side of our yacht as the sun was setting! Sadly, by the time I ran back to my cabin to get my camera, the show was over. hahaha


We started the day with a rocky hike around Santa Fe Island. There were a bunch of land iguanas and some cool looking cacti. Not much else.


Then we went snorkeling. The highlight here was a GIANT school of fish. It looked to be about the size of two or three school buses! Some people swam down into it. I also liked seeing some of these small electric blue colored fish.


In the afternoon we went to the South Plaza Island. There my favorite part was simply sitting on the rocks and listening to the waves crash. We saw more cacti and land iguanas here too.


Also, we learned that the shiny marble like rocks that we have been seeing around the island occurs when sea lions take a crap on a rock and then, over time, polish it to a shine using their bellies!



2 responses to “Galapagos Day 4: Santa Fe Island & South Plaza Island

  1. I find the sea lion poop hysterical! When we were in Capadoccia, Turkey this fall, we found out that they used pigeon poop to paint (it also gave a shiny look to it). Ahhh the interesting uses for poop!


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