Polar Protest

Polar protestA couple of weeks ago my friend and I were heading home from another fabulous day at Isla Larga (one of my new favorite beaches thanks to its close proximity to Valencia) when we got caught in the middle of a Polar Protest!

At first, my friend and I laughed because we realized that people were protesting the fact that they wouldn’t be able to easily buy local beer anymore.  It turns out that one of the local Polar factories in the Carabobo state (where we live) had to close, also putting a lot of people out of jobs.

Then we got a bit worried because people were drinking and driving while angrily honking their horns and making as much noise as possible.

Finally, we got a bit annoyed and started laying on the car horn to hurry some cars out of our way.

This was probably the weirdest protest I’ve seen since I’ve been in Venezuela. Normally we see protests against the government, because of lack of electricity, lack of water, or lack of food, and protests because of the shortage in medical supplies. People here are very adaptable, though and I believe that they will find a way to make it work.

I hope this beautiful country gets the help it needs to move forward in these very difficult times.


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