Extended School Days


Isla Larga rocks

Another 3-day weekend allows for great day trips to explore Isla Larga! This is the corally side of the island.


I’m back at school after my fourth 3-day weekend in a row.  We have had three day weekends due to the Venezuelan energy crisis. I wonder if the governmentally owned schools only have two days of school like other governmental offices?  We have another scheduled for this weekend too!

Sadly, like I learned in economics class, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.  We now have extended school days!

Thankfully, we only have to stay until 4PM, Monday-Thursday. I am nearly always here until that time anyway, but now, instead of leading an after school yoga club or dance workout, I’m teaching.  Instead of having a meeting I will be teaching.  Instead of providing after school support to struggling children, I will be teaching.  Instead of being able to plan for the next couple of weeks, I will be teaching (thankfully I will have one day to plan like I normally would).  You get the idea.

The one thing that I’m not sure about will be how long the 4 PM dismissal will take since the whole elementary school will be leaving instead of going to an after school club, sports, or student support.

However, this is a price that I am very willing to pay for a three day weekend!  I think this schedule is very doable if you plan well.  When I used to work for the Department of Justice I loved my 4/10 schedule with every Friday off, but I am curious how well the students will like it.  I wonder if there are other schools that regularly have four-day work weeks?

Comment below: Would you want to teach with a four-day work week? Do you know of an elementary school that has four day weeks? 




8 responses to “Extended School Days

  1. Yes to the four day week. There is no actual reason to have a 5 day week. With proper planning everything can get done in 4 days. However, I don’t even think that the actual school day needs to be extended.


  2. Our school in Spain used to go til 4 Mon-Fri. The kids would get home from school around 5 depending on if they took the bus or if they had an after school. It makes for a long day but they were used to it. I always felt bad for the teachers though because I know their day doesn’t end when the kids go home. On the flip side, we are now in the Netherlands, and my youngest has a half day every Wed, they finish school by 3:15 and my oldest (in secondary) has a schedule that is closer related to that of a college student with different start and end times. As a parent who has to drive them (there is no bus here), it’s incredibly challenging!

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    • Our normal school day is from 7:40-2:55 with after school activities from 2:55-3:45. Students in upper school finish at 2:30. I would love to hear about other international school schedules!


      • They would go from 830- 350 (355 for upper class) with after school from 4-5 when we lived in barcelona. I miss it ;). Now it’s 830-315 for my youngest and 830-325 give or take for my oldest but depends on the day. He starts and finishes at different times but that’s the max on a given day.


      • Seriously! He’s in 6th grade! I think in the NL, they assume most kids by this age are riding their bikes and so can release themselves. But we live 5 miles from school and he’s just not ready.


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