October Roundup

View on the way up to Tovar

October is beautiful all over Venezuela, but especially Colonia Tovar!

Hi, Everyone!

October is the end of Quarter One at my school.  I can’t believe this year is going by so fast! Let me just say, that the third year at a school is the best.  You already have systems in place, you know everyone, all of the students know you, and everything is just a bit easier.  It really makes a person not want to leave, but if you read my post “Already Decided” you know that I am starting the recruiting process to look for a new school and a new home for the next four or five years.

If you are reading this and you know of a great school who is looking for an experienced elementary teacher, drop me a line! 😉

On to the roundup!

Around the Web:

Indigenous People’s Day should definitely replace Columbus Day and it is starting to gain momentum.  I hope this changes soon.

Planning for early retirement with only $250,000 USD sounds like a great idea to me!  Mr. Henderson suggests the country of Georgia or Thailand as his top two spots to retire overseas at, but he also mentions Colombia, Malaysia, and Vietnam as other good options.

How to NOT miss your connecting flight is a nice post for those of you who have only a short time to make a connection.  I have successfully made connections in 58 minutes, but I don’t recommend it. Try to always have at least 1.5 hours between connections.

I’m ashamed that my country ever even suggested that Trump could be a possible presidential candidate.  I am happy to see that there is a call for his resignation.

In the past, I have had a few guys contact me about the dating possibilities in Venezuela.  I remember telling one guy that as long as he could say, “hola” and was semi-nice, he could find a girl to date here.  He is about to be married in a couple of weeks.  This guide is not exactly suitable for work, but I thought some guys out there might like it because it sounds as if my two younger brothers were discussing “The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Venezuela“.  As much as I want to shake my head at the stupidity of this post… it is really not far from the truth at all.  Venezuela is a land where guys have a lot of fun.

I love this blog’s photos and long poems. When I read, “A letter to the man who never loved me” I felt an instant understanding.

For all of you lady travelers out there, you might want to think about skipping your periods. I just read about this in the NYTs “How to Stop Having Your Periods“.


I finished reading Never Let Me Go which is a highly regarded classic, but was kind of slow for me.  I kept asking myself why the students didn’t run away once they got out of the main school.  I need some good book recommendations!


I have really been getting into Kizomba more and more lately.  Here is one of my favorite songs of the moment, “Mil Pasos” you can also see an amazing kizomba pair dancing in this video.


I finally saw Snowden and it was awesome. I also saw Mechanic Ressurection which is really kind of ridiculous, but has great actions scenes and… Jason Statham.


Is anyone else watching Luke Cage?! I loved him in Jessica Jones, but I’m really enjoying season one of his own show.  He is not hard on the eyes either…!

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