Updated Travel Bucket List

Riding and elephant in Thailand with my friends.

Riding and elephant in Thailand with my friends.

I am revising my past travel bucket list because I have done a couple of the things on it, and I have found so many more that I want to add to the list!

New Items for the list:

Stay at a fancy overwater hotel in Bora Bora

Write a book in Fiji before I retire

Float in the Dead Sea before it is gone

Despite returning to Europe for a third time this past summer I have STILL not visited Venice! My ideal visit would be during Carnival so I can see the glamorous masks, but I would be happy to ride a gondola through the canals.

Drive a camper van across Australia (and take a break to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef)

Visit the Maldives before they disappear

I fell in love with Eastern Europe while I was in Prague and Budapest, but I barely scratched the surface. I would love to backpack through as many countries in Eastern Europe as I can!

Visit Rapa Nui aka Easter Island (hopefully December 2016)

Wine tasting in Chile

Hunt out some street art in Valparaiso, Chile

Take at least a week of one on one lessons with a salsa instructor in Cuba

Trek to Everest Base Camp

Road trip across the US and see all 50 states

See the Northern Lights in Alaska (or another northern location)

Visit the Amazon and do a river cruise and a canopy walk

Marvel at the Taj Mahal

Zip line across Victoria Falls

Take a cruise from Argentina to Antarctica

Hang out at Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua

Snorkle and explore Fernando de Noronha in Brazil

Practice yoga or improve my Spanish at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Bundled up on the great wall in December

Bundled up on the great wall in December

Updated travel bucket list from last time:

Ride an Elephant- near Chiang Mai Thailand- done

Visit the “Tomb Raider” temple in Cambodia- done

Walk the Great Wall of China- Done

Go skydiving

Learn to scuba

Hike the SW Canyons in the US

Go on a road trip across the US and visit all of the states

Go to a Full Moon Party

Hot air balloon ride at sunset or sunrise (preferable in Cappadocia)

Visit Machu Picchu– Done in December 2014

Learn to surf- I will be working on this goal in January in Ecuador

Swim with sharks

Swim with dolphins

Drink mint tea in Morocco

Camp in Hawaii

Celebrate Xmas on a beach- I will be in the Galapagos this Xmas this year

Spend NYE in as many different countries as possible- Done in Buenos Aires, Valencia, China, Bolivia

Do a full RTW Trip

Go inner tubing in Laos

Get a tailor made suit in Vietnam (and several dresses too!)

Eat weird food

Island hop all over SE Asia

Party at Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Go on safari in Africa and take pictures of the “big five”

Visit all seven continents- Only at four so far

Always travel to more countries than years I’ve been alive- I’m currently meeting this goal

Visit the Galapagos Islands- Will do this in December 2015!

Eat tons of Swiss Chocolate from Switzerland

Go on a backpacking trip with at least one of my brothers

Go paragliding

Go bungee jumping

Ride in a helicopter somewhere incredible

Visit the Pyramids in Egypt

Go on a desert safari

Relax on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua during lobster season

Zipline in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica

My favorite pic of Cartagena that I took before the tourists woke up. Love the colors!

My favorite pic of Cartagena that I took before the tourists woke up. Love the colors!

See Cartagena during Carnival- I was in Cartagena for Semana Santa (AKA Holy Week AKA spring break for us teachers in South America), and there were so many tourists there that I no longer want to see it during Carnival! Instead I would love to see Cartagena again, but on an off weekend, while the tourists are away.

Live somewhere with a warm beach and a slow pace of life…with ample salsa dancing (advice anyone?)

Vacation on the San Blas Islands in Panama

Chill out at Bocas Del Toro, Panama too

Explore Koh Lanta, Thailand

What is on your bucket list? 


10 responses to “Updated Travel Bucket List

  1. I love your bucket list!!! On mine would be:
    ~swim with the dolphins
    ~teach internationally (preferably Central/South America or if not there, Europe)
    ~visit every country in the region I teach

    San Blas islands was very nice and Bocas was a lot of fun!!! I’m sure you will enjoy those places when you go…


  2. This is an impressive list! I need to add some of these to mine! We are doing the hot air balloon ride in Capadoccia net week though during our school break – so excited!! Loved this list!


    • I’m not sure it will happen because the older I get the more aware of my mortality I become. I hope I can overcome this fear and do it in some amazing place! Do you have a recommendation for a cool place to skydive?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well I live in NYC, so I skydived a little outside the city. The view was nice, but not great. Not that cool 🙂 Maybe you should think about attaching skydiving to one of your travel bucket-list destinations.

        Liked by 1 person

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