When it Sucks to Be Single in Venezuela

Slice of life

This evening there is a salsa social here in Valencia!  Salsa socials are great because they are organized by the dance academies and they are attended by people who actually know how to salsa! Of course, they will also play bachata, merengue, kizomba, mambo, and a little bit of reggaeton, but it will mostly be Timba and there is a good chance that there will be a lot of ruedas going on.  I love salsa socials!

This salsa social is being organized by the people who sponsor Salsa In The Park three times a week.  The proceeds from the event will go toward that group so that they can keep Salsa In The Park going.  Fantastic idea!

When I found about the salsa social I immediately bought my ticket before talking with my salsa group because I knew that I would want to support Salsa In The Park.  Then I started asking people from my salsa group if they would go and everyone kept telling me “no”!

Apparently, there is a birthday going on the same night and another salsa social the next night.  So I started asking the guys from other salsa academies who attend Salsa In The Park if they would go and they said “yes”… so at least I will have dance partners once I get there.

The only problem is that I live in Venezuela… where it is not safe to drive alone at night.  Really it is not safe to drive at all after dark, but I feel more comfortable if I am with a group of people.  Sometimes I will drive places alone at night if I am only going a short distance and if I know the area really well.  The salsa social is a 40-minute drive from me and it is in an area that I don’t know well at all!

So I’m trying to talk some of the local teachers into going with me, but they keep going back and forth on if they will go or not (which usually means they will back out at the last minute).  I’m also going to try to talk people from my salsa and bachata classes this afternoon into going with me or at least caravaning out there.  The final option is to just risk it and go against the advice of everyone and go by myself.

Even if I can convince one other person to go in my car I would feel better about driving home at 2 or 3 in the morning!  This is when a boyfriend would come in handy!


I have a feeling that I won’t be going dancing tonight.




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