A Day at Isla Larga

Isla Larga shipwreck

I love climbing around in this boat and enjoying this awesome view of the mainland

When my doctor told me that I can’t dance for at least a week so that my foot can try to heal I was a bit devastated.  I’m not sure how my salsa instructors are really taking the news since I mentioned it in a group chat and left it at that (one of my teachers said “ok, feel better”).  So to prevent myself from trying to “just watch” at my dance classes today (where I would certainly end up dancing anyway because I hate “just watching”), I went with my friends to one of our favorite beaches, Isla Larga.

Fishes in the boat

If I weren’t afraid of tetanus I would jump in with these little fish

This is an awesome beach because it is one of the closest beaches to us, it is one of the cheapest beaches for us to get to (800bs per car plus 500 bs per person plus 2500 per adult for a roundtrip boat ride to the Isla), it is gorgeous, and there is a shipwreck that you can easily explore!

isla larga from my seat

My view today at Isla Larga from my seat

Lots of pics were taken today, including this one from my friend Alia:

Me at Isla Larga

Me, at Isla Larga photo cred to Alia


12 responses to “A Day at Isla Larga

    • My friends on my Fitbit challenge totally kicked my butt since I wasn’t in dance class and didn’t wear my Fitbit to the beach, but I was still pretty active. I think walking on the sand and swimming in the Caribbean should be prescribed therapy for many of life’s ailments!


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