Stand with Ukraine

How can I write anything this month without first talking about Ukraine? Like many of you, I’ve been shocked while watching Russia invade Ukraine, and deeply worried for the Ukrainians in danger.

I have never traveled to Ukraine, but I have friends who visited just a couple of months ago. I considered it but wanted to explore more of Egypt while I’m here and went to Dahab instead. 

Ukraine was beautiful when my friends went there in October, and I hope it will regain its beauty after it rids itself of its invaders.  Ukrainians deserve to live their lives in peace. I hope this war ends soon. 

One international school, Pechersk School International, has asked the international teachers to stand with Ukraine:

“Stand With Ukraine!

The current news has impacted all of us and most of all our dear friends and colleagues in Ukraine.

We ask you to take immediate action and join PSI in supporting our wonderful country. Ukraine is a country of strong, courageous, and vibrant people, who are standing together to defend their homeland from this unprovoked attack.

There are many ways to support Ukraine and its citizens. Please visit the website page ‘Stand with Ukraine‘ (under the section ‘community’) to access the list of actions you can take.”

One easy action you can take to directly help citizens in Ukraine is to book a stay at an Airbnb there, then mention to the host that you simply want to help them out. In this Guardian article, Airbnb said they would waive their fees as well.

If you have a Chase Sapphire card (I personally love my Sapphire Reserve) you can pay yourself back for Airbnb charges. Go to your Chase Ultimate Rewards account on a desktop computer or through the Chase mobile app and select “Pay Yourself Back” from the drop-down menu. If you pay yourself back this way your points are worth 25% or 50% more when redeemed on these new categories, depending on which card you’ve got. You can read this article for more info on how to pay yourself back if you are interested in donating this way.


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