Summer Phone Usage

Every summer I go home to Portland and try to figure out how I can get an affordable plan for my iphone for the 30-45 days I’m home. I like to text, use the GPS function, and upload pics to Instagram.

I read about a cheap $10 plan here: This is probably my favorite personal finance blog so I trust the guy…but has anyone actually tried it?

Here is the actual website:

Normally, I just go home and spend about $60 to use t-mobile for 30 days and remain phoneless the rest of the time…but the price difference of $5 US for unlimited usage in Venezuela to $60 for a very limited T-Mobile package always kills me!

How do other expats deal with their phones during the yearly trip home?


2 responses to “Summer Phone Usage

  1. I worked for 5 weeks in the UK for the last few years. I just bought a pay as you go sim card – but Christ it hurt 😉 I’d go through 10 pounds in a couple of days on a crappy old phone I have spare! In LV, I spend less than €20 a month on my shiny smart phone!


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