Upcoming Travel Plans!!

I think of myself a slow traveler who finds herself playing tourist due to time constraints.

I live in a country where a one-year teaching contract is the norm rather than the normal two years most international schools have. It is my second school year in Venezuela and I have signed on for at least one more year.  This means I will have plenty of time to explore this country.

However, I have already been able to travel around Venezuela quite a bit, and I am in South America, and it is pretty cheap for me to see other countries while I am here.  I feel like I would be doing myself a disfavor if I didn’t take this opportunity to see more of the surrounding countries!

Places I have seen or plan to see (and write about) in 2014-2015:

Another random church I saw in Trinidad 2014

Another random church I saw in Trinidad 2014

Trinidad- March 1-March 4 (4 days only)

Dominican Republic- April 12-19 (7 days!)

Los Roques, Venezuela- May 1st-4th (4 days only)

Isla Margarita, Venezuela- Nov 27-30 (4 days only)

Brazil- Dec 20- Jan 11 (23 days!!)

Cartagena, Colombia- Feb 14-17th (4 days only)

Machu Pichu, Peru- March 28- April 5th (9 days!)

Guatemala- June 15- July 3rd (19 days!) **Maybe**

I can’t know for sure if I will stay on for a second school year at my school (but I want to!), but if I do stay on another year (and not relocate my entire life to a different country) I am considering a two or three week stay in Guatemala with a main focus of getting certified to teach in Spanish.

I am very fortunate to live in a country where affordable airfare is available and I want to be able to take advantage of it to the fullest extent possible.  All of this travel means I need to keep a careful budget so I can afford it!

About 75 planned travel days from now until the end of the NEXT school year!!


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