Take a Chance

In response to The Daily Post from Friday, I’m going to write about the biggest chance I ever took.

For me, the biggest chance I ever took was applying to the Peace Corps.  When you are applying to the Peace Corps they let you choose areas of the world that you would be interested in volunteering. You even get to rank them.  I think I said something like, “Latin America, Caribbean, Eastern Europe, SE Asia, and then Africa”.  They placed me in Azerbaijan. Go ahead, look it up. I had never heard of it either.  Apparently it is classified as Eastern Europe. In my mind, anything that is next door to Iran is called the Middle East, but I don’t make maps.

It was through the experience of working as an English Teaching Volunteer in Azerbaijan that I cemented the idea that I would eventually make teaching overseas my career.  It was also at this time that I realized that I was best suited to living an expat lifestyle!

Azeri Summer School

Azerbaijani summer school ESL students at the end of the summer potluck


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