Make Me Smile

I’m writing this in response to The Daily Post from April.


What makes you smile? Credit

As an international elementary teacher I see things everyday that make me smile, shake my head in wonder, and then laugh myself silly while I am recounting the story to other teachers.  I work mostly with first and second graders this year (my school uses mastery based groups for reading and math so I have a mix) and these kids say the darnedest things!

If you are a parent or teacher you know that kids tend to repeat things. Knowing this, I take advantage of it and try to saturate their little brains with “sparkle” words.

My favorite word is fabulous.  You can now hear kids at recess telling their friends what a fabulous day they are having, or what a fabulous trip they went on, or what a fabulous meal they had.  It is wonderful!

Other teachers do it too.  I just heard a first grader describing her new skirt as “just darling”.

Of course it can go both ways, and sometimes kids will pick up facial expressions and mannerisms that I didn’t intend for them to notice.  My students know by now that if I am taking a deep breath with my eyes closed they most likely want to stop what they are doing and pay attention. One of my students will usually say, “You guys are stressing Miss Amanda out guys. Do your work!”

I love my students!


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