International Schools in the Countries Most & Least Welcoming to Foreigners


Where in the world could I go? Photo Cred

Where in the world could I go? Photo Cred 

Recently I found this article from the CNN about which countries actually want expats to stay around.

Citing page 455 of this study CNN says the friendliest and least friendly countries are:


1. Iceland  6.8
2. New Zealand  6.8
3. Morocco  6.7
4. Macedonia, FYR  6.7
5. Austria  6.7
6. Senegal  6.7
7. Portugal  6.6
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina  6.6
9. Ireland  6.6
10. Burkina Faso  6.6


1. Bolivia  4.1
2. Venezuela  4.5
3. Russian Federation  5.0
4. Kuwait  5.2
5. Latvia  5.2
6. Iran  5.2
7. Pakistan  5.3
8. Slovak Republic  5.5
9. Bulgaria  5.5
10. Mongolia  5.5

I live and teach in Venezuela and I have never met anyone who was openly hostile or unwelcoming to me, so I’m not sure how much I trust this data (though I know President Maduro doesn’t love America right now).

So, being the nerdy researcher that I am (did I mention I was a paid student researcher for three years in undergrad?), I went looking for good international schools in each of the countries on both of the lists.

Schools in the Friendliest Countries

1. Iceland: International School of Iceland 
2. New Zealand: maybe the Auckland International College (if you teach upper school).
3. Morocco: 1. The American School of Marrakesh, 2. The International School of Morocco
4. Macedonia (never really on my radar): QSI International School of Skopje
5. Austria (I would love to live and work here!): 1. American International School of Vienna, 2. Vienna International School
6. Senegal (school looks great!): The International School of Dakar
7. Portugal: Carlucci American International School of Lisbon 
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1. QSI International School of Sarajevo, 2. The International Primary School Sarajevo
9. Ireland: International School of Dublin
10. Burkina Faso: International School of Ouagadougou 

Seeing as how I am already living in what is the second “unfriendliest” nation in the world, I thought I would also search for schools in these countries too! Actually quite a few of these schools (okay, maybe not Iran because my Grandma might have a heart attack if I did go there) are on my first choice list of schools I want to work at- hahaha!

Schools in the “Unfriendliest” Countries

1. Bolivia:  1. The American Cooperative School, 2. Santa Cruz Cooperative School
2. Venezuela:  1. Escuela Camp Alegre, 2. CIC Valencia
3. Russian Federation:  Anglo American School of Moscow
4. Kuwait:  American School of Kuwait
5. Latvia:  The International School of Latvia
6. Iran:  Tehran International School
7. Pakistan:  1. International School of Islamabad, 2. Karachi American School, 3. Lahore American School
8. Slovak Republic:  QSI International School of Bratislava
9. Bulgaria:  Anglo American School of Sofia 
10. Mongolia: The International School of Ulaanbaatar 

As you can see, there are quite a few great schools out there!


Comment below: Did I miss a great school I should add to the list?  Would you live in any of the unfriendly nations? If so, why did you choose to live there? Do you live in one of the friendliest places? If so, do you agree with the study?


3 responses to “International Schools in the Countries Most & Least Welcoming to Foreigners

    • I think I might be visiting it this year for a teacher professional development day, so I will see in person if you are right, but I have always heard wonderful things about ECA.


  1. I agree with what you said about not totally trusting the data. SCCS in Bolivia was my first overseas school and the BEST experience! Soooo friendly and welcoming to foreigners – even more so if you speak Spanish which I do! BTW – I am in the process of looking for schools in Columbia now and found some GREAT resources on your blog! Thanks!


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