Twelve TCK Takeaways

Thank you to the people at the Cliff Jumping blog for feeding my dream of meeting a fellow international teacher, having kids, and raising them as Third Culture Kids. I had to repost this great blog about why raising your kids overseas is awesome!

Cliff Jumping

Travel with a purpose! Travel with a purpose!
As exciting as my life of world travel has been, one of the most rewarding benefits of a career as an international teacher has been the joy of raising my children as “Third Culture Kids”. I know that it’s not a life for everyone, but I am very happy that my kids have grown up in a diversity of religions, ethnicities, languages, philosophies, climates, and values.

Learning to create pottery at the famous Chez Galip, Avanos, Turkey Learning to create pottery at the famous Chez Galip, Avanos, Turkey Of course, there’s a downside to a childhood as a TCK. You often feel as though you don’t belong in your ‘home’ country. You don’t always ‘get’ cultural references or acronyms in conversations when you head to college. You feel frustrated when your peers at home are sometimes ignorant or incurious about your global background. You don’t understand the local prejudices and resistance to change you sometimes encounter. You’re…

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  1. Thank you for your comments, Amanda. I have seen many couples meet and marry at all of the international schools I’ve worked in. It will happen to you, while you’re busy guiding students and traveling the world. Meanwhile, enjoy this amazing profession!


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