Delayed Contact

What if you were seeing your friends and family for the first time? Photo cred

What if you were seeing your friends and family for the first time? Photo cred 

As an international teacher, I often have days where I really miss my family and friends because I only get to see them about one month a year at most.  However, the upside of this situation is that I am always so happy to see them all!

On Friday’s Daily Post, the question was “how would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?”  This is really interesting for me to consider since I have known my close family and friends for so long!

My Family:

Mom- I could see us meeting at a book club or maybe at a bar and we would get along great because my mom is always so nice and friendly.

Dad- My dad makes friends with strangers all the time. I don’t know how he does it. Maybe he wasn’t brought up to not talk to strangers like I was.  I remember my grandfather teaching me where the pressure points are on the body so I can do the most harm if a stranger attacks me. Dad obviously didn’t get these lessons!

Middle brother- Geremy and I would not have been friends when I was younger! However, if we were to meet while camping or while he’s playing with his kids at the park I’m sure we would be friends too.

Youngest brother- I think that if Josh and I were not related and I just met him on the street there would only be a slim chance that we would be friends because we are SO DIFFERENT. However, If I met Josh while he was out salsa dancing I would probably make friends with him too. Even though we are so very different, I would give him credit for doing something I love.

My closest friends:

Caris- I could see myself running into Caris at the food carts or something and getting along right away. I might overhear her talking about the no-poo method of hair care and I would start asking her questions.

Sophie- I can see myself running into Sophie at a wine bar or something and we would realize that we are both teachers and start exchanging stories right away.

Brie- If I bumped into Brie while eating at some of Portland’s fabulous restaurants we would start comparing notes and make plans for our next meals together!

Marisa- If we were both wandering around Powell’s I could see myself starting up a conversation about the newest Patricia Briggs book or wondering when the next Game of Thrones book will come out.

It is funny how under the right circumstances you can meet someone and click and then without those circumstances you might not be friends with those people at all.  My family would probably want to kill me if we spent the whole year together, but since I live so far away, I value all of the relationships I have.


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