I probably miss the cheap and delicious food from the food carts the most. Photo Cred

I probably miss the cheap and delicious food from the food carts the most. Photo Cred

As an international teacher, I fully enjoy the local cuisine found wherever I am working, BUT I often find myself daydreaming about Portland food. I think Portland has amazing street food! It is high quality, has great flavors, and most importantly (for someone used to slightly less hygienic street food) it doesn’t make you sick.

Three things I love about the Portland food scene are the food carts with high quality street food, all of the restaurants that seem to be popping up everywhere, and HAPPY hour! I really miss happy hours because my little town doesn’t have any!

Here are some places I want to visit while I’m home this summer:

Food Carts:

Bombay Chaat House  I have been here a few times and I tend to get whatever is on special.

The Frying Scotsman  I had the fish and chips here last summer and it was perfect!

Carte Blanche  3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd Only open Thurs-Sun. Food with a Thai and Middle Eastern angle.

Kari Gogo  Georgian food. When I was in Peace Corps Azerbaijan I tried KHACHAPURI and have been dreaming about it ever since. I also want to try the stuffed dumplings.

Tiffin Asha 1313 N.E. Alberta St tiffinasha.com Chutneys and dosas. YUmm

The Sugar Shop 5221 N.E. Sandy Blvd. I love sweets and this place is all about sweets! I’m really curious to try the dark chocolate and bacon cookie.

Road Runner Barbeque 5205 SE Foster Rd. I want to try the beef brisket and pulled pork.


We have a little bit of everything in Portland, and that is exactly what I want after a diet of Venezuelan food or stuff I create in my own kitchen for the past ten months.

My favorite places:

Screen Door   I have been returning to this place for years and it never disappoints. I love the brisket here, but I tend to order the Screen Door Plate because I can never choose what I want.  OMG! I still dream about the chocolate peanut butter cake I had there one time…

Saburo   This is my favorite sushi restaurant.  My friends tell me the portions are no longer ginormous, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about the sushi at this place.  I usually try to get there around 4:30 because there is always a line around the block whenever I go. I also appreciate that their full menu is online so you can know what you want before you go.

Russell Street BBQ   I love southern food and this place keeps me coming back.  I love the pulled pork with the hot sauce they have. Yummy!

Tuk Tuk Thai 4239 NE Fremont St.. Lunch and dinner daily. I love the salt & pepper calamari & Pad Thai.

Papa Haydn   I love getting dessert here. I seem to remember liking their happy hour menu too.

Salt & Straw  I think I went here at least once a week for ice cream last summer! I like going to the NE Alberta location because the lines are usually shorter.

Here are some restaurants I want to try out:

Pok Pok  I can’t believe I haven’t been to this Thai place. I hear that you can order your food to go and thus avoid the lines.

Tasty N Son’s  I want to have brunch here. They also have happy hour from 2:30-5 that is supposed to be great too.

Nicholas   Middle Eastern Vegan and Gluten Free food (Caris & Sophie!!)

Toro Bravo  Tapas!

Ox   Argentinean food in Portland.

Arleta Library Bakery Café 5513 SE 72nd Ave.  Brunch with Mom and Dad.

Boke Bowl Pork Belly Ramen

Podnah’s Pit  I want to try the brisket here.

Dwaraka Indian Cuisine 3962 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 230-1120. The lunch buffet is recommended.

Jin Jin Teriyaki & Oriental Food 8220 SE Harrison St., No. 138A Lunch. Tuesday-Sunday.  Classic American Chinese food. General Tso’s chicken and/or yakisoba sound good.

Little Big Burger 3810 SE Division St. My friend Marisa has been telling me about this place for a long time but I rarely want to eat burgers. If I change my mind I want to go here.

PaaDee 6 SE 28th Ave. Go here for lunch or dinner. Gra prao muu grob is highly recommended.

Pad Thai Kitchen 2309 SE Belmont St Pad khee mao and duck curry sound good.

Pine State Biscuits 2204 NE Alberta St. Breakfast and lunch daily. They have dinner and late-night Fridays and Saturdays at Alberta location too. My dad would love this place! People say to try the Chatfield- fried chicken comes topped with bacon, melted cheddar and apple butter.

Reel M’ Inn 503- 231-3880- 2430 SE Division St – Supposedly the best Chicken in Portland.

Sweedeedee 5202 N Albina Ave. My family would also love brunch here.  People say to eat a pecan sticky roll while you wait for a seat.

Wy’east Pizza 3131 SE 50th Ave. I want to try the Cloud Cap which has mushrooms, ricotta cheese and roasted garlic on a white base.

Happy Hour:

Sadly, not all of my friends are teachers, so happy hour is the perfect reason to meet my friends as soon as they get off of work! I also love getting delicious food and drinks at (sometimes) half the regular price.

Block + Tackle 3113 S.E. Division St. They have oysters on the half shell half off, $5 salt and pepper calamari, and $7 clams and chorizo in saffron white wine broth. Happy hour Wednesday-Saturday 4 to 6 p.m.

Bartini   I always return to this place for their 8 page menu of delicious martinis at half price during happy hour. I also like getting the fondue from next door with sautéed mushrooms.

The Baowry  8307 N Ivanhoe St. Dinner and late night daily.

Boss Hawgs $2 wells, $2.25 domestics 4-7pm. My parents love this place so I have been going here for years.  It is definitely the most hole-in-the-wall place that I go to! I remember being very happy with the price of oyster shooters. They have a good Hawg Cobb salad too.

Jam on Hawthorne 2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Happy hour bBetween 3-6 pm Wednesday through Saturday.

The Observatory  Try the Fry Bread and Tom Kah cocktail. Happy hour is 3-6 daily.

Hale Pale  I haven’t been here since it got a new owner, but I’ve heard great things about this little Tiki Bar. I want to try the Lumpia and Puaa Puaa pork (I don’t eat pork for 10 months so I need to catch up now). They also have a brunch menu on Sundays and I want to try the Coconut Waffle.  Of course I also want to take some friends with me so I can drink the fiery Volcano Bowl!


5 responses to “I LOVE PORTLAND FOOD!!

  1. Oh em gee. You know I couldn’t read your food list without supplying my two cents!

    A couple more cart suggestions:

    Chicken rice at Nong’s Khao Man Gai

    Ice cream at Scoop


    Screen Door has a really great breakfast too! Get there just before 8:30am for the shortest wait.

    Podnah’s BBQ > Russell St. IMO.

    Brunch > dinner at Tasty ‘N Sons. But keep in mind, all dishes are served up family-style. Be ready to share.

    Boke Bowl is fusion-style ramen. Their pork belly ramen is nothing like Yuzu in Beaverton. If you want more traditional pork ramen, try House of Ramen or Boxer Ramen.

    For American Chinese, my fave place is Zien Hong. Or Shadong has (little) soup dumplings. You could also hit up a dim sum! Ocean City or Fong Chong?

    PaaDee is AMAZING. My fave is their pork noodle soup.

    And right next door to PaaDee is Cheese & Crack! Amazing cheese plates! I was a Kickstarter backer!

    Little Big Burger is a great burger for the price, but Yakuza has LBB’s burger big brother on the menu and it is AMAZING. They also have some tasty Japanese-fusion and great drinks on the menu.

    Dinner is a great time to visit Pine State Biscuits. No line! Their mushroom gravy is great too!

    Happy Hour:

    Hale Pele is the best! Dana and I are working on our “Water Bearer” titles so we will definitely go with!

    I have lots of other suggestions and observations to share. Hit me up!


  2. Brie! I knew you would have something to say about this post. I have taken my mom to brunch at Screen Door and it was amazing! hahaha. I will be sure to go on many food adventures with you this summer!


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