Wishful Wednesday: Green School (Bali, Indonesia)

I have such a huge crush on this school! I would have written about it earlier, but I feel slightly embarrassed about how much I love it.  hahaha.  I have lots of friends whose lives embody the natural earthy style that this school represents, and while I grew up that way, since I’ve moved overseas this kind of lifestyle is harder to maintain (unless you are talking about my no shampoo or making your own coconut milk posts). I could see myself working here once I’ve paid off my student loans and I’ve already saved a good chunk for retirement because while the pay isn’t the best, I don’t think I would want to leave once I got there! Basically I think they wouldn’t think I’m cool enough to work there (at the moment), but just in case there are other people who are (and in case I get my coolness back one day), I wanted to write about the Green School’s awesomeness.

I give this school a  9/10! 

1. What type of school is it?

Non-profit, “Green School Curriculum”

2. Student population:

On the school website it says there are more than 300 students from 45 countries.

3. Class size:

I found a blog that says each class has a max of “25 students with three teachers”. That sounds like an amazing ratio to me!

4. Technology:

The school handbook says that students are welcome to bring their own devices! They have solar panels too.

5. Retirement:

I cannot find any details or mention of retirement funds. No point here.

6. Overall package:

People don’t come to this school for the pay!  I’m not sure where I read it (it certainly wasn’t on their website because there are no benefits listed there), but I have noted that the typical pay is $27k per year.  I have also noted that they offer housing, settling in allowance, and an annual flight for expat teachers.

7. City Profile:

I love the mix of the old and new on this island. It is tiny but there is a ton of culture packed in! Beautiful beaches, temples, and dancing.

Balinese dancer Photo cred https://www.flickr.com/photos/jorgedalmau/9721340178/in/photolist-fP3pKq-efEUZ3-cSeTzG-8EbuJ5-fPZ6hX-bBhjac-6pUmjL-5aAXTV-fjAk7-dQ6SBU-bn7JgU-7ZBYU6-6znx5w-6yMt1v-6yrBrn-pdg2i-e3dc1-e2Wiu-oRPVUr-o7GXcz-eegqVX-az1vSc-9VyMK3-51GtfK-e3jvv-niWjgn-9aEbV3-81Yq7e-3bc3cS-3aRqLo-2TsvXf-mm2awr-ewW4ao-a46yVG-8dqTVm-nNYSVk-fUJFSE-egjGUt-4N2qK3-4GHjWv-edBvV-7iFPB-p1p9u6-mq1qii-buh8P9-7WEzGg-7ncLqs-4H1mkk-97n97p-6xTys8

Balinese dancer Photo cred 

8. Salsa Dancing:

Who would have thought your could find nightly salsa dancing on a small island?! This site lists 7 nights of salsa dancing per week AND LIVE MUSIC! They even specialize in Cuban Salsa which I love the most! Also, all of the staff is trained in Casino Rueda in case there aren’t enough dance partners!

If I ever got tired of Cuban Salsa, I’m sure I would love to take some Balinese dance lessons too.

9. Teachers:

The school is small so there aren’t very many teachers, but there are a lot of young teachers and a good mix of local teachers too. The owner also sounds pretty awesome in his TED talk. I think I would love to hang out with anyone who wanted to work there. haha

10. Food:

I love tropical fruit, especially rambutans and mangos, and I even like durian. haha. Not to mention the curries, rice dishes, and Chinese food everywhere.  It is a tourist spot so there are also many other options available.

Please comment! Have you been to Bali? Would you want to work there? Have you or someone you know worked at the The Green School? Can you add any info to what I’ve listed above? 


5 responses to “Wishful Wednesday: Green School (Bali, Indonesia)

    • If you visit the Green School while you are there I hope you can share your thoughts with me. I’m so curious to see what people think once they are actually there. It sounds amazing!


  1. I have visited this school when I visited Bali in December of 2016. It gives me a good impression on how the environment affects the learning of the students Such an amazing school that is not traditional.


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