September Roundup


Expodanza- the best dance event that I’ve been to in Venezuela happened this month

Wow! This school year is going to go by so fast! I can’t believe September is already over!!  I’ve already had basically two months of school (the first day for teachers was August 1st, but students didn’t arrive until the 8th), and time is just flying by!

Around the Web:

One of the most useful and interesting books that I read during my undergrad years was “The People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. If my internet ever decides to speed up enough to stream something this year I would really like to check out some of his talks available on Youtube!

Dating a foreigner is hard.  Or so I tell myself. hahaha Check out 5 commandments for dating a foreigner.

One site I love to check out now and then is International School Community. They have a great school review system in addition to blog posts.  This month there was a blog post about how teachers are starting to decide to stay or go on to their next school.

The top ten most popular cities for travelers wasn’t that big of a surprise and I can certainly see why these cities made the top ten.  Do you think you have a city that should make the top ten?

In a Venezuelan hospital babies were put into cardboard boxes because of the lack of resources.  Plan your birth very carefully if you are going to do it here, folks!


I’ve really been into bachata and kizomba this month!  A lot of the kizomba music we listen to is in Portuguese, but this song is really fun to dance to and it’s in Spanish, “Safari” by J Balvin ft. Pharell Williams. Check out the youtube video here to listen to a fun kizomba song.


Nectar from a Sieve is a hard book to get through emotionally, but it is a quick read.  It was a book chosen by my school’s book club (hahaha, the five of us who were at the meeting last month, that is). The hardships that Rukmani had to live through are truly astounding.  Many people are seeing similarities between what she experienced in this book and what many Venezuelans are experiencing now.


I haven’t watched any movies this month?! hahaha, suggestions? I want to see Snowden, but it isn’t available yet.


I finally finished season two of Bosch.  This show is so good, I don’t know how I managed to make it take so long to finish!  I like shows about discovering corrupt cops with ties to the mob.

Now I’m getting ready to start season four of House of Cards!

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