Hostels Aren’t Just for the Kids

I want to be able to travel until I can’t travel anymore. One way I can continue traveling is to keep my costs low. Hostels are a great opportunity to be able to sleep cheaply and maybe have a chance to experience a bit more of local life. I can totally see myself being just like this couple 30 years from now!

If the dorm were this pretty I wouldn’t mind if it had 12 beds in it:

8 bed dorm

8 bed dorm

I usually stay in 6 bed dorm rooms:

6 Bed dorm
6 Bed dorm photo cred

The Expat C.A.F.E.

Living in the US I never in a million years thought I would stay in a hostel.  Hostels always represented Europe and low budget travel and housing options for those who love to party all night. They were not something I tried in the 25 years I was traveling before I met Mike where I had an excellent income and I stayed in mostly 5 star hotels around the world.  I would never have thought of hostels as an option.

Then we decided to travel and live on a budget of $1500 a month.  Hostels were added into the equation mostly because without them we would have had to stop traveling ages ago.

Now there are some hostels who tell you the age range of those they want inside their establishment and we have no problem with that; that is fair warning that those of us over 35 or 65…

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