Interview with Teaching Traveling

At my first Argentinian Tango lesson with a cute stranger

I always have fun when I am teaching and traveling! 

I was so honored to be asked to interview with!  I have been following this website for a long time.  Lillie has tons of great material about teaching and traveling on her website!   Check out the interview here:


2 responses to “Interview with Teaching Traveling

  1. Great interview! I just wrote a RoundUp that included Traveling Teaching. I said I couldn’t wait to see one of my fave bloggers there you are! Congrats


    • Thank you! I have been following Teaching Traveling for at least a year, and I was very honored to be able to interview with Lillie! Her website occasionally makes me wish I were teaching in the US because there are so many great grants and travel opportunities posted on her site for US teachers.


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