Beauty & The Beast SOL#11

The play was great this evening!

The play was great this evening!

I have been hearing the rehearsals for Beauty and The Beast for the past couple of months because my classroom is right next to the stage. Yesterday they did the first show for all of the elementary school (during my math block) and had their first run last night.  Today I sat down and watched the final performance!

These kids did an amazing job! I could never imagine getting on a stage and performing an entire play in my second language! They projected their voices well, had amazing costumes, and I could even hear them in the back row (today…not yesterday morning).

What I especially loved is that there were so many parents and families in attendance. I heard one pre-school aged girl crying as her mom walked her and a fussy infant out early, “I want to see the entire show!!” Her face was red and there were tears streaming down her face. The whole family enjoyed the show!

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