Thankful for Great Massages SOL#21

Rose petal pathway leading to my massage room

Rose petal pathway leading to my massage room

I figured out the best way to deal with report card stress: an hour long anti-stress oil massage at the Hesperia Spa! It was only $8 thanks to the favorable exchange rate (including a 20% tip).  I’m beginning to think I should just make it a twice monthly thing to pamper myself!

This is the room I had the massage in today. I guess it is good if you have a partner, but I prefer the room for the solo massage that I had last time.

This is the room I had the massage in today. I guess it is good if you have a partner, but I prefer the room for the solo massage that I had last time.

I might have unpredictable power and water availability, but the spa gives me free cookies and tea too!

I might be afraid to go outside after dark on my own, but at least I can get a cheap massage at a five star hotel.

I might have a tough time finding stuff (shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, razors, toilet paper, milk, and laundry detergent come to mind easily), but at least I can get a great massage!


I had my tea and cookies next to this lovely little place settin

It is just little things like this that make me want to stay here for another school year (good thing since I signed a contract to return next year!). haha

What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?


21 responses to “Thankful for Great Massages SOL#21

  1. Ah, I am in the weeds with my report cards. Your post from far away is a reminder to take it easy and that report cards can easily fatigue and stress teachers, even in paradise! I hope you do budget for more during your stay there!


    • I have an appointment for a massage in mid April already!

      I have a friend who used to teach in Thailand and she got to the point where she would go once a week and get a two hour massage! I went to her favorite masseuse while I was visiting her one time, and I had to go back a second time before I left. If I had a two hour massage option here maybe I would go weekly too! No kids, no family, no (safe) nightlife to keep me busy- I might have talked myself into a frivolous idea!


  2. What a nice post! I’m so tense after report cards, I’m sure a massage would be a great treat. My favorite indulgence, though, is a long bubble bath. I always make sure I have a book of my own to read in the tub so it won’t matter if I get the pages a little wet.


  3. Perhaps teachers should have report card massages as part of their contracts? I’m intrigued by the experiences you alluded to in your post and will definitely be checking out earlier slices. Thanks for sharing!


    • What a wonderful idea! I know that when I worked for the State of Oregon someone organized a masseuse to come on the premises to give short massages, but I think we still had to pay so I didn’t do it (I was still paying off student loans at that time and I didn’t yet get free rent as a part of my contract). This past week my school brought in a Zumba instructor (they call it Bailoterapia- dance therapy) but I was too sick to partake in the classes. A wellness benefit would really help!


    • It seems like there should be some statistic out there that says regular massages make you live longer so I wouldn’t feel at all guilty for pampering myself. haha


  4. I’m just about to do report cards, and the idea of a massage afterwards will hang in the back of my mind now. Thanks for a great idea! I’m so ready for one. I sure like the price and amenities at your five star hotel! I think you should definitely go every other week, at least!


  5. I enjoy going to Kohl’s, Marshalls, and of course, Target. When I was in Houston, there were so many better ways: a good meal at La Madeleine, cookies or pastries at El Bolillo, gelato at Pitango, or a nice big calzone at that great Italian place that I can’t remember the name of right now but I loved it. I had a massage yesterday for free with my haircut, it was weird but welcome.


  6. Ah, shopping! I don’t buy clothing in Venezuela. The last time I went to the mall I saw several stores that were either completely empty and closed (Zara), half empty with overpriced products, or wonderfully priced products not in my size. When I want to shop it is usually on Amazon or eBay and I get to have a solo christmas party for myself once I get home to Portland in the summer!

    I tell myself that delayed gratification is helping me work toward my personal goal of having more patience. I suppose it is working because I keep doing it!

    Good food is always a win too! There is a good sushi place about a block away and I recently found out that the ice cream place next door to it makes the only waffles I’ve ever seen in Venezuela…I’m not sure if they are open for breakfast though! hahaha


  7. I love expat life for that reason- you can indulge in things that you can’t afford back in your home country! You are lucky it’s so cheap there! I’d say you should make it a weekly occurrence. 🙂


  8. Ah, I can put up with a lot of inconvenience if there is a massage and mani/pedi I can afford.

    So we are starting to get stuff ready to ship to Caracas and I’m all over these all-natural bar shampoos and Method super concentrated laundry detergent (85 loads in a 34oz bag!) Thought I’d share in case you hadn’t seen them 🙂


    • Wow! I hadn’t heard of that detergent before…I just might need to pick some up this summer! I’m a little leery of shampoo bars because I have long thick hair, but I just might give them a try during my European Backpacking Trip this summer.

      My usual method for getting what I need these days is to go grocery shopping twice a week just in case I see something that is hard to find (laundry detergent, toilet paper, toiletries, flour, sugar, olive oil all come to mind right now). Yes, this has made me into a hoarder, but it is a necessity here! When that doesn’t work, I try to hitch a ride to the big black market now and then.

      Thanks for the tips!


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