Goodbye on Isla Larga



We only have one more week of school! Wow this year has gone by fast. It has been helped along even more by the fact that we have had three-day weekends for the past five weeks!

lunch at isla larga

A whole fried fish, four fried plantains, coleslaw with the sauce on the side, and lime for 3,500bs

Today a bunch of us teachers got together to say goodbye to all those who are moving on. Naturally, we went to Isla Larga, which is our new favorite beach.

So many teachers and TAs are leaving this year, so it is really nice being able to get together with so many people for one last hurrah.  I hope I can get a few of them to do an interview  for the blog (especially the Venezuelan teachers who will be going to international schools abroad next year!).

Looking forward to seeing family and friends and enjoying the lovely city of Portland this summer! Also looking forward to having internet fast enough so that I can upload my pictures from today (maybe I will go to school this weekend and see if I can upload them there).


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