The Car Problems Continue

Cayo Sombrero

Looking forward to visiting my favorite deserted spot on Cayo Sombrero tomorrow!

My car problems have continued!

The mechanic worked on it for two days and managed to clean the fuel injectors, replace the gas and oil filters, change the oil, repair my automatic window so it would roll down again, and switched out the broken door handle.  Sadly, all of these things only made my car work properly for one afternoon.

The next day as I drove the five minutes to school, my car turned off TWICE! Ugh!

The mechanic has the car again and is searching for a fuel pump.  Apparently, in Venezuela, they prefer to repair what is broken before they get a new part.  He was trying to keep my costs down I guess.  Now he is searching all over town for a fuel pump.  Hopefully, I will have a working car so I can get around town this weekend.

Regardless if I get my car in time for the weekend, I still have a great plan for Saturday and Sunday! My friends and I will go to Cayo Sombrero for the day on Saturday! That is one of my all-time favorite beaches in Venezuela (as I’ve mentioned a few times)!

Then on Sunday I hope to go to the Chinese market to get stuff to make Pho.  I’m really excited about this because yesterday my local butcher hooked me up with soup bones to make a proper bone broth! If my car isn’t working by then, I will just have to convince one of my friends to take me.

Of course, if I have my car I will also be going to Kizomba and perhaps dancing in the park for a couple of hours too.  Sadly, I don’t think I can get any of my friends to do either of these activities with me.

Wish me luck and check out my Instagram if you want to see some shots from Cayo Sombrero.


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    • Thanks! Having my own (working) car is the best solution I can find because local friends from my dance classes offer to share a taxi there, but there is no guarantee I will get home easily since nobody lives near me.

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