When Life Gets…

Water of Cayo Sombrero

I wish everyone could enjoy the waters of Cayo Sombrero

When life gets a little heavy, escape the day-to-day drudgery, and go to the beach!

Venezuela is getting more difficult to live in by the week. The prices are going up (I’m spending almost double the USD that I did at this time last year), the food shortages are increasing, there are more frequent electricity and water shortages than last year, and the pharmacies are still half full too. One thing that I can still count on to bring a smile to my face and make my week better (other than dancing) is a trip to Los Cayos de Morrocoy!

I took a bunch of pictures so anyone reading this could see one reason why I’ve returned to Venezuela for a fifth school year!

Whenever I go, I tend to go to this dock.

Tucacas dock

My favorite dock in Tucacas… the water is nasty here though, don’t fall in! 

When I went this time two men were racing alongside our car to try and convince us that we needed to take a tour with them.  We just slowly continued on our way so we wouldn’t be charged more.  It is now 20,000 bs (about $20 usd) per boat to Cayo Sombrero.

Laura and I on the boat

Laura and I on the boat on our way to Sombrero

I love arriving to the Cayos before 9AM whenever possible.  This usually menas leaving Valencia at about 7AM because the boat ride out there takes about 40 minutes.



The beach was only this empty for a couple of hours! 


We had to take a couple pictures while we took the nice walk along the beach.


Aliza and I enjoying the early morning quiet

I like to walk all the way around the little bay because families tend to gather in this more sheltered area.

Umbrellas at Cayo Sombrero

The umbrellas aren’t anything special, but they are necessary in the strong Venezuelan sun

While I could not spend a day at the beach without an umbrella, I could care less what it looks like, because I spend most of my time looking at the water… or just playing in the water!

water in Cayo Sombrero

How can you ignore a view like this!?

I took a selfie in the water too because I needed to cool off after finishing the long walk to our umbrellas.


My iphone 4s doesn’t do good selfies, but this is me in my happy place!

I had to take advantage of the early morning quiet to walk the rest of the way down the beach.

If I had my own umbrella I would have parked myself under these palm trees all the way at the end of the beach.

Palm trees on Cayo Sombrero

Palm trees on Cayo Sombrero

Sometimes when I go to the beach I find hermit crabs, sometimes I find nice shells, but whenever I go, I always eat pescado frito!

I hope you enjoyed this little slice of paradise with me!

Please comment below! What do you do to cheer yourself up while living/traveling overseas? 


2 responses to “When Life Gets…

  1. Living in California itself is cheering up most of times, but when I feel sad or homesick, I usually try to do the same. Go to one of my favorite places like SF or Pacific Grove and just savor the possibility of being able to do that! My easy fix is always a bike ride through the foothills with my husband and just recently I discovered that I love Mountainbiking, too! Thanks for sharing this beautiful beach with me!


    • California would be lovely too! I need to spend more time there one of the summers that I’m in the US.

      I really enjoy being surrounded by nature. If it isn’t a Caribbean beach, I am happy to go for a bike ride (not in Venezuela), a hike through a forest, or just exploring somewhere outdoors.

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